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January 01, 2010

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who is/what are peacegrooves

Why We Groove


PeaceGrooves is a call for peacemakers everywhere to use the fires of imagination and creativity for peace.


PeaceGrooves are art, music, stories, games, and other media that lift up the way of nonviolence and present a different paradigm to the prevailing "myth" of redemptive violence.


PeaceGrooves is a forum for the generation of ideas, creations and resources of peace.


PeaceGrooves seeks to be an entity for the development, creation and dissemination of “products” for peace that will educate and transform though play.


PeaceGrooves seeks to impact the prevailing culture of violence through the worlds of children, youth, and adults by:


  • Creating fun and exciting alternative games, stories, heroes and heroines, and other creations that reflect the power and spirit of nonviolence.


  • Creating spaces for youth and children as well as adults to participate in developing these creations.


  • Serving as a link to the many who are engaged in the good work of creative peacemaking.


  • Serving as a repository for creative peacebuilding resources by and for Groovers everywhere.


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